Real Estate Law

We represent clients in all aspects of the use, transfer, and finance of real estate, including:

  • Purchase or sale of residential property
  • Purchase or sale of commercial property
  • Mortgage financing for banks, mortgage companies, and private lenders
  • Development and redevelopment projects
  • Representation before local zoning, permitting or licensing boards
  • Condominium matters including conversions
  • Commercial lease drafting and review
  • Landlord/Tenant matters
  • Litigation involving real estate


Although we know the filing of a lawsuit should be used as a last resort, we have the expertise to pursue or defend matters which may eventually lead the parties to court or some other forum for dispute resolution such as an administrative hearing, mediation or arbitration. These matters include:

Personal injuries
• Motor vehicle accidents
• Medical malpractice
• Slip and fall
• Assault and battery
• Dog bites
• Food contamination
• Industrial Accidents

• Shareholder or partner disputes
• Collections and other creditor claims
• Debtor’s rights
• Breach of contract
• Insurance coverage
• Professional license revocation or denial
• Consumer protection violations

Real Estate
• Breach of purchase or sale agreements
• Zoning Board of Appeals
• Denial or revocation of permits or licenses
• Opposition to development projects
• Evictions
• Property disputes


The firm represents businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of matters including:

• Choice of entity
• Preparation of incorporation, limited liability company and partnerships documents
• Financing
• General advice and counsel
• Purchase or sale of commercial property
• Commercial lease drafting and review
• Development and redevelopment projects
• Representation before local zoning, permitting or licensing boards
• Contract review and negotiation
• Collections
• Litigation

Estate Planning

It is never too early to begin planning for your future and protecting your loved ones. We can provide guidance in the following areas:

Wills and Trusts
To ensure that your hard-earned assets are distributed as you desire and not as the state suggests, we can draft the appropriate will or trust.

Power of Attorney
To be sure your financial and other affairs are handled properly should you become incompetent or incapacitated, we can prepare a Power of Attorney which will authorize a trusted family member or friend to handle these matters while you are not able.

Healthcare Proxy
To help ensure that your wishes are followed concerning medical treatments or the withholding of medical treatments if you are unable to make such decisions yourself, we can prepare a Healthcare Proxy to allow a trusted family member or friend to make these decisions as you would do.


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